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We have always had a strong belief in doing our part to protect the environment despite the additional short term expenses of time, money, and manpower.

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Home office furniture from big box stores is often cheaply made and has a limited lifetime. VersaTables proudly makes high-quality computer furniture with a Lifetime Warranty, and it's manufactured right here in the USA! LEARN MORE »
There are a lot of things that can be distracting in an office. Your furniture should not be one of those things. VersaTables has the desks, tables, and organizational furniture to get you better focused on your work. LEARN MORE »
Educational environments require computer furniture conducive to learning. VersaTables provides multiple solutions for incorporating technology in any classroom setting. LEARN MORE »
Government offices require furniture for a variety of settings, from offices to meeting rooms to training classrooms. VersaTables has just what you need for each of these environments, and we offer GSA Contracts. LEARN MORE »
If you work in a medical environment, you don't have time to fuss about with computer equipment. VersaTables offers mobile and wall-mounted computer stations built for ever-changing, always busy medical settings. LEARN MORE »
VersaTables makes every effort to adhere to strict standards in every process and practice, and has contributed to numerous potential LEED credits in several industries. LEARN MORE »
We believe the environment, our community, and our customers deserve the attention we put into every step of our manufacturing process. This results in products that are durable, functional, and sustainable. LEARN MORE »
Understanding the potential impact we have on the planet and learning to implement ways that will reduce our effect is so very important. Read on for ways your organization can take steps to reduce your own impact. LEARN MORE »
So what exactly are 'ergonomics?' Before you make any decisions about new computer furniture, it is good to have an understanding of what ergonomics are and how they can effect you. LEARN MORE »
What is your posture like? What voluntary motions do you repeat and how often? When do you take breaks from work and for how long? All of these are factors in setting up your ideal workstation. LEARN MORE »
Myths are common in many aspects of our lives, so much so that it is often difficult to sort out the facts. Read on as we dispel many common myths related to ergonomics. LEARN MORE »
Entire books are written about any number of symptoms and how to fix them. We know you don't always have time to pour over pages upon pages of information. Here are some quick tips to help you for the time being. LEARN MORE »
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. See complex information broken down into simple to understand diagrams. Data visualization and visual thinking. LEARN MORE »
A few simple changes to the way you work can make a huge difference in productivity and the quality of your work. Bringing movement to the workplace can help your business become more competitive. LEARN MORE »
There are many serious health problems directly associated with sitting too much. Fortunately, there are fairly simple solutions to this problem LEARN MORE »
Wondering how standing while you work actually benefits your health? Better circulation, spinal support, and oxygen flow are only a few reasons to consider a sit-to-stand computer workstation. LEARN MORE »
Want to increase classroom productivity? Here you will find information about incorporating technology with teaching and making it work for your learning environment. LEARN MORE »
Workplace productivity is the life of any business. Here you will find materials to help improve this in your place of work. LEARN MORE »
Incorporating technology into medical environments can drastically cut many costs. Learn how to best introduce computers to your workplace. LEARN MORE »
High-end furniture with a lifetime warranty might be a little pricey up-front, but look ahead five or more years. Do you foresee yourself replacing that other low quality model again and again? LEARN MORE »
Your home office shouldn't feel like a cubicle. Likewise, your office space probably shouldn't be as casual as your home workstation. Let us help you define your work space, wherever it may be. LEARN MORE »
We at VersaTables are rather proud of how we stack up against our competition. Check out our competitive analysis charts here. LEARN MORE »
Come read along as we share news and insights about studies, furniture, technology, and VersaTables. LEARN MORE »
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