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By Use Overview

By Use Overview

icon schoolEducation Use

Productivity and Learning

The past decade has seen an explosion of interest among college administrators and faculty concerning ways to enhance student learning and campus productivity. As a new generation of college students enter the classroom demanding more engaging teaching styles and more access to technology, utilizing and enhancing an institution’s learning space becomes a prime investment for educators. Learning spaces are facilitators of change, if we are to pursue a change in teaching philosophy and pedagogy—and we must do so—it only makes sense to foster such change in the environment where learning actually takes place.

icon briefcaseOffice Use


Does your workspace make you feel good? Chances are if a workspace cannot be enjoyed by management, workers and clients alike it will not be a productive workspace for long-term business success. Taking measures to promote professionalism in your organization’s work environment is crucial to building and maintaining corporation morale, efficiency and growth. The type of office furniture and equipment used in a space, the way it is displayed and the way that uses interact with it is an important element in every industry’s office equation.

Culture and Values

Your organization’s culture and values can be the deciding factors in how a worker approaches an idea, when it gets done and how productive the employee is while doing it. These factors influence the clients who decide to do business with you. They influence employee retention and satisfaction rates. It is crucial that your office culture supports completing tasks and job duties in a way that works for your team and also promotes the greater goals of your organization. Knowing how to promote appropriate workplace values and optimize your workspace can help you make your organizational culture work the most for you.

Workflow & Movement

Optimizing workflow is key to the success of any business. Comfortable, safe and efficient workflow gives a company a tremendous competitive advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining the best employees, achieving high productivity levels and exploring business innovation and growth.

Identifying wasteful or negative work practices and eliminating them results in better business process and flow. Providing the appropriate office product and furniture support for employees, and training them in the best practices of computing can also optimize your organization’s workflow. Keeping your employees comfortable, safe and informed allows them to direct more of their attention and energy to projects that generate more income and growth for your business.

icon home1Home Use

The Home Office

Whether you are self-employed or an off-site employee, creating and maintaining a professional workspace can positively enhance your productivity and job satisfaction. Understanding the best ways to promote professionalism in your home office, share space with professional and personal purposes and take advantage of applicable home office tax deductions, can enable you to best utilize and enjoy your working space.

Organize Your Life

The old adage of “a place for everything, and everything in its place” is a universal battle cry, especially when it comes to organizing and effectively utilizing your home office space. However, you will find that implementing a stronger sense of systemization and arrangement benefits your life in numerous ways, making the pursuit of increased organization well worth your personal and professional investment.

Facilitate Your Hobbies

Between work and family it can sometime seem like you have little time left to do the things that you enjoy. However, finding the time and taking the necessary measures to facilitate your hobbies is something you simply cannot afford to skimp on. In fact, according to The New York Times, taking the time to enjoy activities you are passionate about is crucial for your brain and your sense of well being.

When people do things that give them a personal sense of enjoyment and satisfaction, like their hobbies, an area of the brain called the nucleus accumbens is stimulated. This region of the brain controls our overall sense of happiness and how we feel about life.

So why not make it as easy to enjoy your hobbies as possible? Efficient and comfortable office equipment can help you to do so, especially if you enjoy computer games, digital media, social networking and other such hobbies.

Your Space and Your Needs

Whether working in a home office, business plaza, medical facility or educational institution it is always important that you strive to best balance your personal needs with the amount of physical space you have to work in. At VersaTables, we have gathered extensive knowledge and understanding about the way that people work all over the globe. This understanding drives our product design and creation. When we work happier and safer, we work better. With this in mind, personalizing your space with great products and sound principles will ensure you receive the most satisfaction and productivity from your work environment.

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