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Is Your Office Furniture Conducive To Your Gaming?

Ever find yourself sitting at your computer desk for hours, rolling your neck and trying to adjust your back? Because computers and cyber networks have become such an integral part of our everyday lives, it is important to remain comfortable and in an enjoyable environment while spending time on such sites.. With the affordability and increased demand for computers comes the ever-increasing use of the internet for a wide number of purposes, from personal to professional. In fact, according to a recent article by IT Facts, Americans spend 32.7 hours a week online, and for many that time is spent in multi-player on line games or other recreational, social activities.

The Ergonomic Concerns of Online Gaming

Computer gaming has exploded in the last decade and many people find themselves sitting at their computer desks for hours at a time. Gaming expert, Jasper Juul, claims that computer games are designed with the distinct intention of engaging players on a frequent and consistent basis and for lengthy periods of time. This is apparent for all users who find themselves engrossed in their games. While their minds are engaged, however, their bodies are ignored and begin to feel the wear and tear of poor posture and positioning.

In an article exploring ergonomic tips for gamers, Marji Hajic says:

“The practice of playing is repetitive. Achieving game tasks and goals may promote nervous and muscular tension…and pain signals may be ignored because the enjoyment of the game overshadows them.”

It is apparent that gaming for an extended period of time can be harmful to your body, but is there anything you can do to make your gaming hobby more comfortable and efficient?

Solutions for Your Home Office Gaming Comfort

  • Task chairs with adjustable arms and seat height can make the experience more comfortably tailored to the specific user. Further, computer chairs with reclining ability allow you to move more easily. Frequent movements are an important part of the ergonomics equation for computer use and help you avoid becoming too stiff and to keep blood flow moving.
  • It is always important to remember that getting up to move around for even a few moments is healthy when sitting in one place for an extended period of time.
  • Consider using a lapboard or a keyboard tray for your keyboard and mouse. This will allow you to recline farther away from computer screens and rest your back in your chair. It ultimately gives you more flexibility to position yourself to be comfortable.

Organize Your Home Office For More Gaming Enjoyment

To ensure that your gaming experience is more efficient, explore the following ideas to organize your computer space for optimum enjoyment:

There are many ways to ensure that your gaming experience is enjoyable, comfortable, and most importantly, safe. The most important note to remember when spending any extended period of time on the computer is to take specific ergonomic efforts to keep your body in a comfortable, relaxed, safe position. This will help avoid harmful effects and optimize your ability to continue gaming in the future.

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