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Productivity Gained Via Office Ergonomics

Great amounts of research discuss the cost savings that organizations can experience from implementing a stronger ergonomics approach into their company culture. However, equally important and deserving of recognition are the productivity gains that companies stand to garner from enhancing their ergonomic focus.

Ergonomics = Efficiency + Comfort = Increased Productivity

Because the goal of any ergonomic invention or procedure is to increase efficiency and comfort, ergonomic products and policies must be viewed in light of their effect on productivity. The best ergonomic solutions will improve productivity. For example, a keyboard tray that enables a user’s keyboard to sit at an optimal positioning level is more efficient and comfortable to type on. With less worry for wrist fatigue and injury, a user can type more quickly and accurately in this position. A higher rate of accurate keystrokes means an increase in productivity.

Simply put, an ergonomic task analysis that reduces or eliminates unnecessary and awkward postures and exertions almost always reduces the time it takes to complete a task, which always improves worker productivity.

The biomechanics of body movement, visibility, workload and other relevant ergonomic elements also impact the quality of work that any individual performs in any industry. When a task is accurately designed and matched with its human component, workers will make fewer errors, suffer fewer injuries and produce less waste. Each of these benefits impact corporation and employee productivity as well.

Consider These Examples

The following table examines real-world case studies from various industries that suggest the productivity gains experienced by different organizations after implementing more ergonomically sound practices in their company culture:




Applied Materials (Supplier to the silicon chip industry) Properly designed and tested casters for manually moving 7,000 lb. clean room manufacturing equipment 400% increase in productivity, in terms of man hours, reduced potential for work injury claims
Applied Materials (supplier to the silicon chip industry) Researched and selected a better torque hand driver tool 50% increase in product output
Telecommunications Plant Ergonomic redesign of four workstations Increased production, reduced data entry error rates and improved job satisfaction
Fast Food Provider Redesign of Workstation A 20% increase in productivity
Steel Company Ergonomic redesign of an observation pit Saved over $150, 000 in one year through reduced waste and higher productivity
Toy Manufacturing Plant Product Design Change A savings of $0.11 per part


General research even suggests that, on average, organizations will receive $3 or more for every $1 they spend on improving their office ergonomics and workplace safety and comfort.

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