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Saving Time With Ergonomics

Of the many benefits you can find from beginning to live a more ergonomic lifestyle and implementing more ergonomic practices into your work routine, one of the greatest advantages will come in the amount of time you save.

Nearly everyone agrees that we never seem to have enough time to complete all the things we must do, and would like to do, in one day. Whether it is at work, at home or at school it is not unusual to feel pressed for time.

So why not take measures to make your time go just a bit further? Some simple solutions, based on ergonomic principles, can help.

Understand and Slim Down the Task

Our work process is laden with cumbersome tasks that are convoluted and unnecessarily complicated. Yet, one of the prime principles of ergonomics is to work faster and more efficiently. In order to do so, you must identify elements of your workflow that are repetitious or unneeded. To accomplish this, you can use an effective task analysis procedure. This helps you to identify the variables and steps involved in any given task so you can best determine how to most effectively and quickly perform the task.

After completing your task analysis, step back and consider each step with the following five principles in mind:

  • Repetition – identify any steps that are repeated and consider if the repetition is necessary.
  • Order—consider if reordering the task steps could somehow further optimize the effort.
  • Synergy—are there any steps or elements that can be combined in order to accomplish more at once?
  • Value Added—when examining every step of a task, make sure it adds value to the outcome of the task. If it does not, eliminate it.
  • Necessity—when considering tasks that require a certain number of actions, make sure the quantity of the step is really necessary. Can it be reduced?

Simplify the Task

Eliminating extra steps is not the only way to simplify a task. You can also save time by simply making a task easier to perform. Consider this when training new employees. The simpler the task at hand, the more quickly and efficiently you, or any other worker, will be able to perform it.

Use Ergonomic Products and Tools

One of the reasons that Cascades 2-in-1 Action Packs struck it big in the dishwashing industry is simply because they provide the perfect example of ergonomic tools at work. These dishwashing packs eliminated the need to fill an automatic dishwasher with soap in two separate areas, thereby cutting the time required to load soap into a dishwasher by nearly 80%.

Good products can make all the difference when it comes to enhancing your workflow and saving time. They accomplish this for three primary reasons. First, good tools can help trim back unneeded steps in a task, and secondly they can help simplify the task. Both of these concepts are discussed above, but there is also a third way that the proper ergonomic products and tools can help you to save time in your work.

Good ergonomic tools and products increase your body mechanics. This means that these products act as an extension of your body, enhancing your ability to do your work.  For example, using a high quality office chair enables you to sit with more support, helping you to do your work more quickly.

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