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14 Simple Ways to Convert Your Sedentary Lifestyle

It’s no secret that we need to sit less and move more. Our leisure and work habits have become far too sedentary, especially compare to the generations that came before us. And the less we move, the more we put ourselves at risk for developing serious health consequences, including, but not limited to, heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression and a premature death.

Of course, the standard solution to this sitting-epidemic on our country is to simply hold and honor a gym membership with regular, strenuous workouts. But for most of us, as soon as life becomes more hectic and deadlines from work become more impending, the gym membership is usually the first thing that is kicked to the curb.

What we need are more ways to incorporate full range movement into our daily activities and routines at work and home. It is easier than you might think. The following tips provide perfect ways to move your sedentary lifestyle to more active one.

1. Park Far Away

Though it is nearly instinctual to try and find a parking place as close to our destination as possible, by doing so we miss out on a great opportunity to incorporate more movement into our daily activities. You should try to develop a habit of parking a block away from your destination, or at least in the parking slot the furthest from the door.

2. Take The Stairs Instead of The Elevators

If you have to travel up only one or two flights of stairs to reach your destination, you should always take the stairs. If you need to go up and down several floors, then you should use both the stairs and the elevator. Walk up or down two flights, then ride the elevator the rest of the way. As you become increasingly physically active and physically fit, you can increase the number of flights you climb or descend.

3. If It is Possible, Walk or Bike to Work

This manner of commuting to work may not be possible for everyone, but if it is an option for you, you do stand to benefit greatly from taking the initiative and adopting this more physically advantageous form of transportation. Supporting such movement with ergonomic products like quality walking shoes or a quality bike will help you move with the most comfort and safety.

4. Skip Your Stop

If you utilize a public transportation system like a bus, transit car or subway, consider skipping the stop closest to your destination and opting instead for the stop just before or after. Walk to your destination from this point.

5. Maximize The Benefits From Your Grocery Trip

When making a trip to the grocery store, get the most mileage out of your errand by walking up and own each aisle.

6. Take Short Breaks At Work

It is important to build rest and restorative periods into your work routine. These periods give you the opportunity to stretch tired muscles, relieving muscle fatigue and tension. Use these breaks to perform purposeful stretches and to take short walks.

7. Do Your Own Yard Work

Instead of hiring someone to the heavy lifting in your yard, do it yourself. Mowing and trimming your lawn each week is a great way to sneak in a little outdoor exercise and it will save you money too!

8. Play With Your Kids

Sedentary lifestyles are not only prevalent among adults, but they are nearly epidemic among what should be the most active part of our population: kids. Today’s children watch more TV and play more video games. So get your kids up and moving by playing ball or some old fashioned night-games in the yard. Doing so is good for all of you.

9. Put On Your Favorite Music And Dance

This is a great way to unwind at the end of a long day, plus the extra movement helps your blood flow better and your heart beat faster.

10. While Watching TV, Pace or Stretch

Just as it is important to break up the sitting periods you experience in your workplace, it is equally important to break up the sitting periods you experience in your home. Instead of just switching the channel during commercial breaks take that time to walk quickly around your house or do some simple stretching exercises. If you really want to maximize the physical possibilities of your tube time, invest in a treadmill and walk while you watch your favorite shows.

11. Choose to Physically Visit Colleagues, Instead of Just Calling or Emailing

At work, when you have a question or need to relay information to a colleague, instead of picking up the phone or sending them an email, take a moment to walk over to their office or cubicle. This provides not only an important rest break, but also enhances the chances for collaborative brainstorming and fortuitous conversations that can increase productivity.

12. Walk While You Talk

If your work or home routines involve spending significant amounts of time on the phone, you can make the most of that time by walking as you talk. Rather than just sitting at your desk, you should get in the habit of pacing. Motion and movement actually increase our brains’ ability to process and retain information, so you stand to gain enhanced efficiency and productivity from this choice.

13. Choose Active Entertainment Over Passive Entertainment

When divvying up your leisure time, choose where and how you spend it carefully. For example, instead of going to a movie you could choose to go and play tennis with some friends. Instead of playing with a traditional gaming system, why not play with an interactive system like a Wii? Rather than meet friends for a night cap, why not catch up over and evening walk instead?

14. Choose Active Vacations

As you implement more movement into your daily routines at work and at home, your desire to be more active will increase. You can also benefit from beginning to view vacations as opportunities to be even further active. Instead of planning a retreat to a spa, plan to revitalize your mind and body by hiking. Rather than taking in a new city by driving around, walk the downtown area. When golfing, walk the course rather than ride in a gold cart. If staying at a resort, make use of their pool and fitness center. Once you begin looking, the possibilities for plugging more movement into your leisure time are endless.

Sit-Stand Work

Certainly, one of the biggest culprits leading to our cultural sitting epidemic is the old grindstone, the nine-to-five, the job. Most of us work from a sedentary position, but we do not have too. In fact, your workflow, creativity and efficiency can greatly benefit from working in this manner. Sit-Stand workflow promotes more full range movement during your work routine, helping you to burn more calories, promote good blood circulation and activate important chemicals in your brain.

Facilitating this superior type of workflow is easiest when using office equipment that is designed to support such movement. The flexibility and adaptability of products like VersaTables’ Versa Center 24 Wide or their Dual Fusion Computer Cart, provide the perfect arrangements for this type of working routine.

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