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Downview Rectangular Conference Table

Series: CON-DV
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Downview Rectangular Conference Table

Impress guests with the beautiful, revolutionary Downview Rectangular Conference Table. Designed to encourage a clean, obstruction-free environment, this conference table's unique downview design allows users to have full access to the tabletop and still view individual computer monitors mounted below the table's surface through glare-resistant tempered glass.

The modular design allows for easy expansion, accommodating 4 - 20 users.

Built in keyboard drawers retract fully below the table surface for when computers are not necessary. Two CPU Holders and a cable management are also built into the infrastructure of the table to keep unsightly cables hidden away, preventing trip hazards. Eight color combinations provide ample opportunity for you to find the one that complements your existing color scheme.

Product Features

  • Unique downview design
  • Accommodates 4 - 20 users
  • Protects keyboards and monitors
  • Anti-glare tempered glass
  • Tilting monitor arms
  • Laminated, scratch-proof surface
  • 8 color combinations
  • No need for wall screens to view presentations
  • Includes two CPU holders
  • Cable management system
  • Fully retractable keyboard drawers

Steve S., Sales & Marketing

The feedback we get from customers that have bought the Downview Rectangular Conference Table is that their guests are always impressed with the table when they walk on. I think that's great! If we can help our customers make a good impression on their clients and colleagues, then why not. The funny thing about it though, is that for us, while we're happy it looks as good as it does, it was all about an efficient, modular design and ergonomics. I'm sure people notice those features as well, but we hear the most about how great it looks.

Downloadable Product Information

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Choose Your Size

Pick the conference table that’s the right size for your space and needs. Our Downview Rectangular Conference Table accommodates anywhere from four to twenty users. It’s the perfect table for your evolving needs.

Seating Solutions

We carry a variety of chairs to accent your Downview Rectangular conference table and ensure your guests a comfortable experience. And with quantity discounts starting with the purchase of only three like products, even if you only buy four, you’ll receive a discount.

The Versa Difference.

VersaTables was founded over ten years ago on the basic principle of producing high-quality products at a great price.

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Product Reviews

5 Nice piece

Good looking, good quality and good size. The finish looks great with the room and every seems to be more productive so I am pleased with this.;

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012

5 Great deal

I feel like this was a steal and was so happy to bid farewell to projection screens and laser pointers.Everyone can see the presentations AND the computers are kept safe and clean.

Posted by on Jun 26, 2012

5 Thanks boss!

Glad my bosses got this for us..we feel so spoiled in meetings now. It's just a nice way to get work done in large groups--spcae to work and really hi tech. I bought a desk for my home office from this company and had hinted that they should get us office upgrades from them. Glad they check them out and made the buy.

Posted by on Jun 21, 2012

5 Extraordinary table

This is hands down the most attractive and innovative conference tables we've ever had. We get compliments on it from almost everyone who comes here and they all want to know where we purchased it. It looks like it should be much more expensive than it is. Every component is solid and good quality. I'm sure we'll have this for years and then we'll buy another one from you guys.

Posted by on May 14, 2012

4 Beautiful table

This is a fantastic conference table. Beautiful, well constructed. The only thing is that we found it's hard to read small type on the computer monitors because of the angles they are at under the desk top. You kind of have to lean over to see it. With powerpoint presentations, it's no problem but when type is small, it's a bit tricky. Lucky for us, we don't use that feature a lot anyway and when we do, it's really just for powerpoint because we don't have a screen. Most of the time we just use it as a regular conference table and it's terrific for that.

Posted by on Jan 2, 2012

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