Locking Computer Tower Enclosure

Posted on Sunday 30 May 2010

If your computer tower is sitting in a high traffic area it’s very susceptible to damage. Liquids can easily get spilled into the CPU and it can accidentally get knocked over. Then you have to worry about people having access to the unit. You can take care of all of these problems simply by housing your CPU inside a locking computer enclosure.

The enclosure is ideal for schools, offices, medical facilities and military institutions. It will house any CPU from 10 inches to 25 inches wide and completely encloses the tower. It’s constructed from steel to be durable and secure. Heat ventilation is provided by the diamond shaped cutouts on each side of the unit.

The unit comes standard with a keyed alloy locking device, or you can choose to upgrade to an electronic lock. The locking computer enclosure restricts access to your hard drives, media card slots, USB ports and power button. Stop unauthorized access and accidental damage by protecting your computer tower with a high quality enclosure.

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