Standing Desk health benefits with the VersaDesk PowerPro Elite

Standing Desk health benefits with the VersaDesk PowerPro Elite

Get Flexible Standing Desk Benefits with the VersaDesk PowerPro Elite

As more research comes to light about the potential dangers of sitting down all day, more people look for alternatives that they can use comfortably at their office or other workspace. Standing desks or desk risers offer you the opportunity to create your own perfect working conditions that provide benefits far beyond a comfortable chair. The VersaDesk PowerPro Elite represents the ultimate in flexibility and customizable convenience in the desk riser market.

Benefits of Standing Desks for Work and Health

The advantages realized with a properly positioned, ergonomic standing desk or riser have been scientifically proven in various settings and practices throughout the last decade. If you work upright, productivity increases, cognitive function and focus improves, and you feel more energized throughout the day. Also, you avoid a host of modern health complaints associated with sitting for long periods of time. These include everything from back strain to more serious issues like excess weight gain, heart disease, and more.

In order to reduce risks and boost your efficacy on the job, consider a standing desk that is comfortable, flexible, and highly functional for your day-to-day needs.

How the VersaDesk PowerPro Elite Fulfills All Your Needs

While many standing desk options exist, some are little more than a raised platform you can balance on an existing piece of furniture. Static options can never suit every user. Manually adjustable risers are difficult to operate and include a higher risk of collapse and damage to your expensive computer equipment. Others simply look unattractive and do not fit in with the professional aesthetic of your workplace. The VersaDesk PowerPro Elite counters all of these complaints with amazing functionality and style.

Sit and Stand Options – A lot of evidence shows that standing up for all or some of your workday provides considerable benefits for both your health and how you function when completing important tasks. However, you may not have the fortitude to stay upright all day long. If you already have some health complaints or simply feel less energetic from time to time, it helps to be able to sit down and relax.

The PowerPro Elite standing desk has simple controls that automatically transform the desk riser into a flat surface. This allows you to rest in your office chair whenever you need to and still have comfortable access to your computer or other equipment. With the push of a button, you can change this VersaDesk model from a sitting desk platform to one 20 inches tall.

Programmable Control – Use the simple programmable options to choose up to four perfect heights for your use. The control panel lies directly on the top surface. This makes it highly convenient but keeps it safe from accidental bumps or presses during normal operations. With four setting options, the PowerPro Elite suits multi-person use in a workplace setting. You can also use the basic up and down arrows to adjust with the utmost precision. Charge up your standing desk easily through the USB port.

Large Work Surface and Monitor Stand – You never have to worry about figuring out where to put your keyboard, mouse, or monitors with this VersaDesk standing desk model. It comes in three different widths to suit your office's specific needs. Although it will fit on any conventional desk or other piece of furniture, the working surface provided is quite extensive. You have a broad shelf for your keyboard, mouse, and even a cup of coffee. The upper deck where the controls are located can hold notebooks, your phone, or any other items you need to get the job done.

The strength and sturdy construction of the PowerPro Elite adjustable desk riser gives you multiple options for monitor displays. First, you can simply sit monitor on the upper riser in the middle. Second, you can use the included single or double monitor stand to attach flat screens to one corner or the center of the top riser. Even if you have two large monitors on the edge, do not have to worry about this standing desk collapsing or tilting dangerously.

Truly Ergonomic Design – The goal of using a standing desk is to function and feel better both every day at work and in the long term. You know that getting out of your chair at the office provides exceptional benefits. However, all of the good health and productivity may be compromised if you are forced into an uncomfortable or awkward position. You do not have to worry about that with the VersaDesk PowerPro Elite.

The ergonomic design of this desk riser was designed with comfort and flexibility in mind. It is not enough that the converter raises and lowers to the appropriate heights for the individual user. In order to prevent occupational disorders and discomfort, it is necessary to keep everything in the right place and comfortably on hand. The maximum adjustability of this standing desk puts the monitor at eye height, the keyboard at the correct level to maintain wrist health, and gives you the opportunity to create your own unique set up.

Design Options Available – Function may outweigh form when it comes to boosting productivity and focus at your workplace and protecting your body from health problems associated with sitting behind a desk all day. However, that does not mean that you should completely ignore the look and feel of your office space.

This professional product comes in your choice of five different surface colors: black, gray matrix, glossy white, light maple wood grain, and dark cherry wood grain. For even more functionality, the glossy white style works as a whiteboard so you can take quick notes or jot down ideas right on your desk.

Combat the modern health problems associated with sitting too long at the office with the ultimate solution in standing desks. An elite combination of functionality and form can help you or any worker operate at maximum capacity with a minimum of strain and stress on the body. The VersaDesk PowerPro Elite gives you programmable options to improve every aspect of your workday.

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