What is a standing desk?

What is a standing desk?

Today’s modern work environments are dominated by computers and sitting behind a desk for long stretches of time. With concerns over both business operations and personal health growing, more business owners and office managers look to standing desks to ease these issues.

Although the idea of standing up at your office desk began as a rather quirky and impractical idea, the popularity of standing desks and desk risers have grown in the past years. With all the options on the market today, every worker can discover the right option for themselves. Likewise, business representatives who want to foster a more active, invigorating, and healthy workplace can turn to standing desks for all or most of their employees.

What Are Standing Desks?

While there are free standing desks that are much taller than traditional sit-down desks, the ones offered at VersaTables are more appropriately called desk risers. They are sturdy structures that sit on top of an existing desk and elevate the computer or other equipment for use.

The most important characteristics of standing desks include stability, and ergonomic design, and adjustability for different users. The last thing you want is for computer equipment to slide off onto the floor, the standing desk to collapse, or a worker leading to stretch or bend in order to use the riser. When you buy from a reputable manufacturer or retailer, you can rest assured that all of these important criteria are met.

Standing Desk Benefits for the Workday

While every employer should care about the overall health of their workers, the first questions that arise when considering standing desks may have to do with how they will affect the work itself. After all, they are the ones who will invest in the risers for their office space. If you are in a position to choose desks or other equipment for your workspace, carefully research all the options available for desk risers. Instead of focusing on the benefits alone, also pay attention to how your employees will respond to them.

Interestingly enough, various studies have shown that standing desks have a positive influence on productivity and accomplishment in the workplace. It is impossible to make sweeping statements that insist every worker will benefit from standing up at work. Of course, there are some individuals who would be physically unable to do so. The last thing you want to do is create a workplace that is inaccessible to people who are differently abled.

However, offering the option to use standing desks or desk risers cannot only demonstrate an interest in your employee’s health, well-being, and comfort, it can cause considerable boosts for the company’s bottom line.

Increased Productivity

The better you feel, the more you will get done. Sitting down in front of your desk all day encourages lounging and a lackadaisical attitude that is not helpful when it comes to tackling an important project or meeting deadlines. People naturally associate sitting or leaning back in a desk chair with relaxation. That is something to do once the workday is done and you are at home on the couch.

Standing desks increase productivity by promoting higher levels of energy and an increased willingness to stick with the job until it is done. The 87% increase in energy reported in the 2011 “Take a Stand Project” is an impressive statistic that should make employers and the workers themselves more interested in getting up on their feet during the workday.

More energy leads to higher productivity. Using standing desks encourage activity in one of two ways. First, physiological things like increased blood flow and more muscle engagement can contribute to greater cognition abilities and improved focus. Second, people can reward themselves with a comfortable seat after achieving one part of a project or other task. Not everyone will want to stand up all day. However, if a worker vows to stand up until they are done with a particular file, they may work harder to get it done faster so they can relax.

Elevated Mood and Energy

A considerable part of the workplace management process includes maintaining a positive mood and attitude for all workers. This translates into more energy, positive impressions of their tasks and coworkers or team members, and additional mental and emotional vigor to tackle challenges and overcome setbacks.

How can a standing desk help with all of these things? Whether through physiological or emotional means, standing up while working resulted in lower levels of fatigue, increased energy, an overall feeling of wellness, and a reduction in symptoms of anxiety and depression. While standing desk risers are not a cure for mental illness or emotional distress, any benefits provided to the workforce can increase productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Protect Your Health With Standing Desks

The concept of Sitting Disease has infiltrated health reports, websites, and news stories all around the world. This is a general term created to describe all the health problems that come with sitting for long periods of time at work and home. Of course, office workplaces or one of the most common locations that contribute to it. Standing desks can help battle many of the most dangerous modern health concerns.

The Problem With Sitting All Day Long

Whether or not you call it Sitting Disease, there is no way to deny the health problems that come with staying in a chair for long periods of time. First of all, sitting down is a very passive position that does not engage the large muscles in your body or strengthen your core. Leg, rear, and muscles begin to atrophy. Also, many people use very bad posture when they sit at their desk. This contributes to weaker back muscles and abdominals.

Week Muscles – Whenever you allow your muscles to weaken, you no longer have the ability to support your body effectively or efficiently. This can lead to injury more easily than if you stand up more often during the day. Some people think that using a standing desk would contribute to back pain or sorrow like muscles. While this may be true in the beginning, the act of standing up will strengthen your body so it can protect itself from problems in the future.

Weight Gain – Sitting down for long periods of time negatively affects digestion and produces metabolic action. Both of these things can contribute to gaining unhealthy weight over time. For anyone who has attempted to lose weight in the past, you can understand that your sizing and moving around contributes to a healthier body. Sitting all day burns fewer calories.

Cardiovascular Issues – Various studies show that sitting can contribute to a greater risk of heart disease and a host of other cardiovascular complaints. For example, varicose veins and deep vein thrombosis, which are blood clots, both occur with greater frequency in individuals who sit down for long periods of time.

Increased Risk for Disease – The general problems with long periods of sitting all work together to contribute to diseases as diverse as clinical depression, diabetes, and even cancer.

How Desk Risers Protect Your Wellbeing

Get up on your feet for more time every day to help protect your body and mind from some serious health complaints. When you minimize the time you spent sitting in a chair, all the increased risk factors mentioned above go away. Of course, a desk riser or standing desks are not going to prevent disease or cure you of any problems.

However, increased muscular strength, improved blood flow, higher metabolic rates, and all the other physiological benefits of standing up can truly make a difference in your everyday life and your long-term health outlook.

By this time, you may be quite excited about finding the perfect standing desks for you or your office space. In the past, many of these products were cumbersome and difficult to use for more than one person. Some people simply stacked up boxes or balanced their laptop on a pile of books to get the same benefits. Now, you have a wealth of options to explore that can offer the perfect positioning and convenience for whatever job you do.

Finding the Best Standing Desks for You

Not all standing desks are created equal. Of course, the one you use must be the right height so you can reach your keyboard, mouse, or other equipment comfortably. In an office or other workplace setting, this may seem to necessitate buying a wide variety of different risers for your diverse group. Luckily, there are many options on the market today.

Whether you intend to buy many desk risers or are seeking out the perfect one just for you, it is important to weigh all your options before making the investment. With all the options available at VersaTables, you can find exactly what you are looking for at an affordable price.

Size, Height, and Use Options

Purchasing one desk riser for yourself presents lessor problem than outfitting an entire office. After all, your employees may include a 6’7” man and a 5’1” woman with very different height requirements for computer or equipment access. Standing desks do not do any good if they are not ergonomically positioned for the user.

Not only does the desk riser need to stand at the appropriate height so the person does not have to hunt over or crane their neck to view the monitor, they also need to be an appropriate size for the equipment they will hold. If everyone in the office works from a laptop, you only need very small desktop risers that hold one machine. In a workplace with increased technological means, you would prefer multi-tier standing desks with space for a keyboard, mouse, and more than one monitor.

Two ways of overcoming this problem exist. First, you can purchase many different heights of static standing desks and scatter them about the office space. This could mean that each worker has to move a standing desk into their desired position or even carry it to another one for meetings or group projects. Of course, many people cannot do this kind of thing, and it is not a good idea to suggest physical labor for your office staff.

The Benefits of Push-Button Adjustment

The other option for multi-person use standing desks makes more sense. Many of the modern standing desks available here are completely adjustable with the simple push of a button. They include extremely quiet motors that will not disrupt other people’s work. All the employee needs to do is show up at their desk, press the button, and raise or lower the riser to the exact position they need for maximum comfort.

If your office space utilizes a more dynamic approach in which workers move from desk to desk throughout the day, motorized and adjustable standing desks make even more sense. Some of the options available here at VersaTables allow for programmable controls using an onboard USB port. Each worker can input their information and the power desks will align to their needs right away.

Standing Desk Push Button Height Adjustment

Standing desks provide a wealth of benefits for both the individual who uses them and the workplace overall. The decision to purchase one for your own personal use undoubtedly stems from a desire for improved health, minimized risk, and a greater feeling of energy and well-being throughout the day. The decision to purchase many for an office or other workplace you manage may be fueled primarily by proof of greater productivity and benefits to the company at large.

Whatever the goal, standing desks have been scientifically proven to provide many of the things that both workers and bosses want. With all of the options available today, desk risers are no longer an unusual choice for the modern workplace. For the greatest levels of flexibility and practicality, opt for standing desks with motorized, push-button operation. While not every employee may prefer or have the ability to use standing desks, option will provide great rewards.

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