Top 10 Benefits of a Standing Desk

Top 10 Benefits of a Standing Desk

Standing desks have grown in popularity since they were first introduced to the market years ago. While some people scoff at the idea that they should stand up at work or while playing on their computer, the benefits provided by these unique sit to stand desks outweigh any initial discomfort. Sitting at a computer desk all day has some serious repercussions not only for the quality of work you produce but also for your overall physical and mental health and well-being. The amount of time people spend sitting both at work and while engaging in leisure time activities has even been dubbed "sitting disease."

If you are not yet convinced to abandon traditional office chairs and low desks in an attempt to counteract the problems caused by a sedentary lifestyle, these 10 benefits of a standing desk may change your mind. If you currently experience any of the health complaints or illnesses that get worse if you sit all day, you have the opportunity to change how you feel and even how long you live. With the affordability and flexibility of today's standing desk products, it is easy to find the right solution for you.

Office managers or business owners who want to contribute to the overall well-being of your employees should also consider sit to stand desks or desk risers for all or most of your workers. Many companies put a focus on improved health with on-site gyms, lunch time walking programs, and healthy options in the cafeteria. Offering standing desks to everyone follows along with these benefits. You also get higher degrees of productivity, increase project collaboration, and a happier workforce.

1 – Standing Up Burns More Calories

While there is no substitute for a healthy diet and regular exercise, using sit to stand desks whenever you work on a computer or paperwork will help you maintain a proper weight level. Everyone understands that sitting around or having a sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight gain. When you stand up, you burn more calories and stay more active than if you are relaxing in a chair. Best of all, most people can stand up comfortably for all or part of the day without a struggle. Of course, there are those who are physically unable to do so. Standing up for even a small part of every hour provides benefits. This makes an adjustable standing desk a great option for most workers.

As men and women age, their metabolisms naturally slow, and they end up gaining weight even if they have not changed their diet or exercise regimen. In order to counteract this problem, get out of your office chair and use an adjustable computer desk that allows you to stand up for all or part of the day. Research shows that doing so burns an additional 150 to 200 calories over the course of an average workday. This may not seem like a lot, but it does help stave off the insidious creep of the pounds.

2 – Regulate Blood Sugar Levels Better

Gaining weight and remaining sedentary are two lifestyle factors that contribute to metabolic syndrome, fluctuating blood sugar levels, and type II diabetes. People who have not been diagnosed with any health problems related to their blood sugar still experience highs and lows during the day. Basically, your glucose levels increase after you eat food and then gradually go back down again until you eat your next meal or snack. This constant up and down affects your metabolism, how your body functions, and even things like energy levels and cognitive function. People who already have diabetes do not regulate this effectively. However, getting up on your feet more often during the day helps even those who already have this diagnosis.

Other things contribute to this flow. One of the contributing factors is how active you are throughout the day. Exercise helps regulate blood sugar levels, but so does standing up instead of sitting down for long periods of time. Various studies have shown a considerable drop in level spikes after a meal if the people stood up for a period of time. This simple change can be made with the help of a standing desk. For maximum comfort and ease-of-use, and automatically adjustable one works great.

3 – Minimize Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors

The aforementioned weight gain and blood sugar fluctuations contribute to heart disease risk. Using a computer desk that encourages you to stand up all or part of the day can already help with these health issues. Many people think that they can sit comfortably all day long and then exercise for an hour after work and get the maximum health benefits. In fact, studies show that this is not true. Of course, exercising helps you maintain cardiovascular fitness. However, research also shows that standing up throughout the day can decrease heart disease risk effectively.

Heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes are the leading cause of death of all adults worldwide. Processed foods, overindulgence, and sedentary lifestyles contribute to this problem considerably. Getting out of your chair and standing up for some or all of your workday cannot combat all of these other problems. If you already have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, a standing desk is not a cure. However, in a quest to improve your overall health, it makes sense to change your habits to ones that contribute to lower risk factors.

4 – Decrease Back and Neck Pain

It may seem counterintuitive that using a sit and stand desk will make your back and neck hurt less. After all, many people who live sedentary lifestyles can experience quite a bit of pain when they are on their feet for long periods of time. Using a standing desk provides cumulative benefits. Yes, it can be a bit difficult or uncomfortable at the start. You are using muscles, joints, and spinal alignment that you may not be used to. However, as your body gets used to the improved fitness and posture, the aches and pains you experience in your spine may reduce or go away completely.

It all comes down to how you use your body. Most people do not sit perfectly upright and stationary in an office chair. You may slouch or lean, hunch over your keyboard or flop backwards to stretch. All of these things lead to spinal compression and ordinary aches and pains. A standing desk enforces a more appropriate posture and alignment. It can also strengthen core muscles that support your body. This is a very important factor in not only your comfort levels now but your ability to maintain an upright posture, prevent pain, and stay active as you get older.

5 – Increase Your Lifespan

Combating weight gain, regulating blood sugar levels, minimizing the risk of heart disease, and all the other physical health related benefits of a standing desk work together to improve your quality of life and make you live longer. One stunning survey from the National Institute of Health revealed that standing up for a minimum of three more hours daily could make the average adult live two years longer. One of the easiest ways to incorporate this into your life is by using a standing desk at work or home.

Also, the longer life you live will include greater health, well-being, and comfort. There are many studies that show how dangerous sedentary lifestyle is for both children and adults. Some scientists count sitting down for too many hours as one of the biggest health risks of our time. The solution is quite easy. While you should eat a healthy diet and get in exercise on a regular basis, simply standing up at work can help. With all of these benefits of using a standing desk, it makes sense that you can enjoy a longer and more fulfilling life from their cumulative effects.

6 – Get a Boost for All-day Energy

When faced with the idea of standing up for longer periods of time throughout the day, you may think that you would end up tired out, sore, and cranky. While it is true that changing from an overall sedentary habit to the regular use of a sit and stand desk may initially cause some minor complaints, the benefits outweigh them by a considerable margin. Standing up has been shown to actually give you energy more than relaxing in your chair. While the research that demonstrates an increase in all the energy or based on personal feelings and impressions rather than any measurable statistics, they are compelling when looked at as a whole. When the majority of people who stand up for part of their workday reveal that they feel more energy, it makes sense to pay attention and try it for yourself.

Why does this happen? The two major factors that contribute to better energy levels when using a standing desk are regulated blood sugar and improved circulation. When your body experiences higher blood sugar spikes, it also reduces to a lower level afterward. When this happens, you may feel lethargic and sleepy. Standing up smooths out glucose metabolism and provides a steadier form of fuel for your muscles in mind. Maintaining proper posture and even a low level of activity keeps your blood pumping and oxygenating everything properly.

7 – Get More Done in Less Time

Along with the improved energy and minimized pain comes a boost to overall productivity throughout the day. This benefit of using a standing desk comes down to the fact that when you feel better and have more energy, you simply get more done. Not only were the physical and health benefits a contributing factor to productivity, but people seem more likely to keep working and not waste time when they are standing up. Perhaps it is just too easy to sit back, relax, and let your mind wander when resting in a chair.

Scientific research backs up these claims, as well. Studies performed at call centers showed a considerable boost in the number of telephone calls made and success when it came to sales or information gathering. For companies that encourage collaboration and teamwork, standing desks provide an additional benefit of encouraging workers to move about the office and talk with each other about work. This leads to higher levels of productivity and the greater chance of meeting all project deadlines.

This and other work-related benefits of using a sit and stand desk are especially attractive to company owners and office managers. Every industry involves high degree of competition these days. You can motivate or threaten your employees as much as your managerial style allows and still not get the levels of productivity that will propel your company to the heights of success. Purchasing a selection of adjustable desk risers that can be used by any man or woman in the office will increase productivity naturally without any need for additional effort on your part.

8 – Improve Your Overall Mood

Improved physical health, energy levels, productivity, and comfort all contribute to feeling better mentally and emotionally. Research studies that investigated the physiological benefits of using a standing desk or desk riser rather than a traditional low computer desk and chair end up showing a sometimes-unexpected result. Even if they are looking for data like blood sugar levels heart rate, the study participants also reveal that they feel calmer, more mentally comfortable, focused, happier, and have reduced levels of stress and strain.

When workers feel better, they are more likely to work effectively and get their projects done on time. It can be very difficult to maintain high levels of productivity when you feel anxious, stressed out, or uncomfortable in your workplace. If purchasing a few adjustable standing desks can make a considerable difference in the mood at work, why would an office manager or business owner pass up this opportunity?

Statistics show that anxiety, depression, and stress-related mood issues are becoming more common in today's world than ever before. People struggle to maintain a positive mood and suffer mentally, emotionally, and even physically because of it. Standing up at work is not a cure for disorders or illnesses. However, when the research shows that this simple lifestyle change can improve how you feel every day, it makes sense to take notice and make some changes.

9 – Concentrate Better and Think More Clearly

Physical activity boosts brainpower and improves the levels of concentration you are able to maintain. This may be due to increased blood flow and oxygenation of the brain or the demonstrated correlation between movement and thinking. There is no question that people with cognitive troubles or focus disorders like ADHD are often helped by staying active or even fidgeting as they do their work. While other factors are at play when a disorder is involved, research shows clearly that physical activity leads to mental activity.

Sitting at rest does not engage the majority of your body muscles or systems. Therefore, you are more likely to fidget or automatically do small actions that help your body feel engaged. This also leads to a drifting mindset and lack of focus. Studies of both children and office workers demonstrate clearly that standing desks or increased upright activity throughout the day keeps people on task and actively working more than if they were sitting down.

10 – Get Peace of Mind Knowing You are Doing the Best for Yourself

For most people, switching to a standing desk may feel a bit uncomfortable or awkward at first. Once you understand that all of the research points to innumerable benefits such as those listed above, you will have more motivation to make the change. The knowledge that you are fighting against all of the health and well-being problems brought about by a sedentary lifestyle will give you considerable peace of mind. When you feel better overall, your emotional state can improve.

All the many benefits that come along with using and adjustable height computer desk affect not only how you perform at your office or other workplace. Get an adjustable standing desk for home use, too, and continue to reap the benefits even when you are off the clock.

A Nielsen Company research study from 2018 revealed that the average person spends more than 10.5 hours on a computer or other device every single day. Much of that time is spent sitting at a desk or table. Even if you are lounging on the couch with a laptop on your knee or phone in your hand, the "sitting disease" that is a sign of these modern days is affecting your health. Choose a standing desk at work and at home to get the maximum benefits and protect your health is much as possible.

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