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Ergonomics Overview

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At VersaTables we know nothing is more important than your health and safety, whether you are at home, in the workplace, at school or in a doctor’s office. Each of our products is designed with this in mind. If we can enable individuals to work at the most safe, comfortable and effective levels, we know increased motivation and productivity will be realized, along with a deeper sense of personal and professional satisfaction. This is our goal. Beyond making products that adequately and properly support people, we make products to help you achieve your full potential.

icon bookErgonomics Defined

A quick internet search for the word “Ergonomics” reveals thousands of different interpretations for the phrase. Some organizations attempt to apply the word in the strictest of senses solely to how we operate in our workplaces. Others assign the term to shoes and beds and staircases and a  host of other items. After understanding the wide interpretations available, we considered the term with you, our customers, in mind. At VersaTables our goal is to create furniture truly designed for you. We do not make products that you must fit your body and intuition to, but products to fit your body and intuition. This goal drives our understanding of the term Ergonomics, and guides what we do every day.

feedbackThe Ergonomic Equation

The term “ergonomics” is used loosely and broadly, applied to any number of products from shoes to computer keyboards to exercise equipment. However you define ergonomics, every definition emphasizes an important triad of elements: comfort, health and productivity. To realize these elements when working at a computer station, we turn to The Ergonomic Equation, a three part pattern that makes ergonomics when computing simple:

Neutral Posture + Voluntary Motion + Rest = More Comfort, Health & Productivity

icon toolsErgonomics Tools & Calculator

While some may be familiar with the terminology and theory associated with ergonomics, it can often be intimidating to know how to begin optimizing your own work station. These interactive tools can help you identify your individual needs, enabling you to identify ways to make your computing more comfortable, efficient and safe.

icon questionErgonomics Myths

The significance of office and home ergonomics has gained momentum over the past thirty years, with more corporations and organizations recognizing the importance of utilizing furniture and products that are efficient, healthy and safe. However, certain inaccuracies about the cost, use and effectiveness of ergonomic policies have persisted. Such myths are often obstacles to a management decision to institute an ergonomics program. But by understanding the truth about these common misconceptions you will easily see how your organization or home can benefit from using more ergonomically sound policies and products.

icon checkboxErgonomics Solutions & Quick Tips

Along with articles offering “Quick Tips” for ways to increase the ergonomic principles in your daily work, you can also access the following explorations of Ergonomic Solutions. These articles discuss some general ergonomic principles and offer suggestions about ways to implement them into your life. Taking the initiative to do so will enhance the speed, comfort and safety levels of your workflow.


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