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Myth #1: Ergonomics Costs Too Much

One of the leading myths about implementing an ergonomic program into your home or office concerns the cost of such change.

Implementing Ergonomics Into Your Organization

Many office managers and corporate executives may be tempted to skip integrating new ergonomic measures and products into their workplace safety plans during economic downturns. However, during tough economic times is exactly when you can’t afford to neglect investing in your office ergonomics.

The Cost Of Neglecting Your Ergonomic Needs

Still not convinced about how your organization can benefit from focusing on office safety and efficiency? Consider the following from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • 37% of all work related injuries are caused by poor ergonomic conditions.
  • The average work related injury caused by poor ergonomics easily totals $100,000 in lost time, disability ratings, compensation and potential litigation.
  • Workers who suffer a musculoskeletal disorder lose up to 19 days of work on average.
  • Musculoskeletal disorders are a major national problem—costing the US economy more than $50 billion dollars a year.

Whether you are operating in a healthy or lean economy, you need your employees to stay healthy and productive. An effective ergonomics campaign is a proactive approach to preventing workplace injury. Fewer injuries in your office equal fewer claims. And fewer claims equal lower insurance premiums.

Ergonomic and Economic Gains

While many companies have heard of the cost savings associated with preventing musculoskeletal disorders, many haven’t heard that improving their organization’s ergonomics almost always improves a company’s productivity.

In fact, on average, companies will receive $3 or more for every $1 they spend on improving their office ergonomics and workplace safety. For more specific examples, the following table details some specific ergonomic interventions made by certain companies and the productivity and profit increases they achieved as a result.




Applied Materials (Supplier to the silicon chip industry) Properly designed and tested casters for manually moving 7,000 lb. clean room manufacturing equipment 400% increase in productivity, in terms of man hours, reduced potential for work injury claims
Applied Materials (supplier to the silicon chip industry) Researched and selected a better torque hand driver tool 50% increase in product output
Telecommunications Plant Ergonomic redesign of four workstations Increased production, reduced data entry error rates and improved job satisfaction
Fast Food Provider Redesign of Workstation A 20% increase in productivity
Steel Company Ergonomic redesign of an observation pit Saved over $150, 000 in one year through reduced waste and higher productivity
Toy Manufacturing Plant Product Design Change A savings of $0.11 per part

Myth #1 = BUSTED

When considering the cost of an ergonomics intervention in your workplace or home, the situation must be viewed in light of the positive effects of ergonomics on productivity and the savings resultant from fewer workplace injury claims. With these considerations in mind, it becomes evident that you cannot afford to skimp on workstation safety and efficiency.

Whether you need to improve the ergonomic arrangement and workflow in your home, office, school or medical facility, VersaTables has a great variety of ergonomically approved furniture and accessories that can up your productivity while preventing injury as well.

Consider Your Ergonomic Needs Today

Not sure how you can improve the ergonomics in your home or workplace? Use our simple checklists to measure the efficiency and safety of your workflow.

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