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Myth #4: One Size Fits All

A common misconception concerning ergonomics is that one ergonomic workstation will be completely effective for every employee or user. While it is true that some basic ergonomic principles apply to all quality made office furniture, the way that employees and users interact with this office furniture is entirely individual.

And every individual has different needs. We are shaped differently, move differently and process information and work-related tasks differently.

To implement a truly effective ergonomic culture into your office, institution or home, these individual differences must be taken into account.  After all, one of the most fundamental principles of ergonomics is that individual differences should be recognized and accommodated.

Individual Analysis

The first step to busting the myth that “one size fits all” wide open is to make accommodations to analyze the needs of your individual employees and office users. The best way to accomplish this is to carefully observe any given user in their everyday work. Using ergonomic principles and measures you should carefully note any ways that their workstation and habits could be altered to support better work flow efficiency, comfort and safety.

The following checklists can help an observer identify ways to further incorporate ergonomic principles into each individual’s workflow.

The Advantage of Adjustability

Because of the individual needs associated with true ergonomics, it is important that you choose to only use ergonomically designed products that make accommodations for such needs. Computer furniture that is adjustable in nature can be manipulated to effectively fit a wide variety of users.

VersaTables is proud to offer a high quality line of ergonomically designed furniture that offers you all the advantages of adjustability, enabling each individual who utilizes our products to fit a desk, computer cart or chair to their unique needs.

Further, our VersaTables design team is always willing to work individually with your organization to create customized products specific to your needs. We have designed and created such custom computer furniture for numerous corporations, military offices, universities and hospitals. Why not learn what we can do for your organization today?

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