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Sustainable Products are the Best Choice for the Environment

LongTermInvestmentMore and more is understood each year about the environmental damage being caused by a lot of commercial activity. Organizations looking forward with an increased sense of eco consciousness are working to use or create sustainable products in their operations. And people with genuine concern about the planet, the human race and the future are seeking to support businesses that produce and/or use sustainable products in their everyday operations.

What Is A Sustainable Product?

There are many complicated definitions available for what constitutes a sustainable product. However, the basic premise is quite simple. A sustainable product is one which protects the environment during the course of its entire lifetime; which is to say, from the time that raw materials needed for creation are extracted to the time that the final product is disposed of.

Further, sustainable products also provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting public health, welfare and the environment over their full commercial life cycle.

Sustainable Products Represent A Long Term Investment

While it is true that it is often cheaper, at least in the short term, to produce a product with no real regard to environmental impact as opposed to an eco-friendly, sustainable product; to do so is short sighted. Products of this inferior nature tend to cause irreversible damage to the environment, and perhaps even to the people who use them.

Sustainable products generally have a greater longevity than products simply created to sell for the cheapest possible price point. They tend to be composed of high quality materials, and more durably constructed.

Promising Trends

The good news is that recent studies suggest consumers across the globe are becoming more and more conscious about choosing sustainable products and services for their purchases. The 2010 National Geographic GreenDex study indicates that the environmentally friendly behavior among consumers in 10 out of 17 countries increased from 2009 to 2010. Consumer eco-conscious behavior is determined to include people’s transportation patters, household energy and resource use, consumption of food and everyday consumer goods, and what actions consumers are taking to minimize the impact their activities have on the environment.

Becoming Part of the Solution

Whether you are looking for computer furniture to use in your home, business office, educational institution, drafting company or medical facility, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of investing in sustainable equipment for your needs.

Doing so provides many advantages, not just for the environment, but for your personal or professional use as well. Increased task productivity, better health benefits and an enhanced sense of social responsibility are all rewards of smart and sustainable consumer purchasing.

VersaTables is proud to offer sustainable and ergonomically designed furniture that incorporates green manufacturing and high quality craftsmanship for all of your purposes.

Gain a Competitive Advantage Using Sustainable Products

Your organization will always be subject to economic fluctuations, and the quality of your institution’s culture will determine your ability to keep your bottom line in the black through marketplace highs and lows.

And recent research suggests that incorporating more sustainable products into your organization’s use and greening up your culture goes a long way to boosting your profits. Going green today makes excellent economic sense for business organizations, educational institutions,  medical facilities and even home office users.

Sustainable Products Increase Corporate Profits

The Institute for Market Transformation to Sustainability (MTS) has conducted substantial research suggesting that making the effort to either incorporate sustainable products into your organization’s use and operations or producing sustainable items can increase a corporation’s profits.

In today’s marketplace your company will want to become more green through its policies and product use not because it is simply trendy, but because it makes you more competitive. Working to incorporate sustainable products, like VersaTables eco-friendly furniture, into your organization helps your corporate profitability benchmarks in the following ways:

  • Reduced liability when using furniture safe for the environment, employees and consumers.
  • Added good will, brand and competitive advantage.
  • Documented public demand.
  • Our furniture uses reduced raw materials and manufacturing costs.
  • Added value for your employees and consumers.
  • Improved employee health and safety.
  • Increased worker productivity.

Sustainable Products Lead To Productivity Benefits

According to recent MTS data, when employees are able to work in a building that incorporates sustainable products and polices, productivity increases an average of 5 percent to as high as 16 percent.

As the Environmental Protection Agency summarizes:

“Positive consensus is almost universal on the environmental and social benefits of green buildings. Lately, consensus is emerging on the financial benefits of green buildings as well. Published studies emphasize that capital costs for these buildings range from significantly less to slightly more than comparable buildings with an average premium of 2%.”

The leading cost of an office building today is not electricity, heating or air conditioning, but the people who work in the building. By taking measures to improve the working environment for their employees, companies can expect huge paybacks. Working in buildings that embrace green technology, utilize sustainable furniture and implement eco-friendly policies improves occupant health, comfort and productivity.

A better working environment helps employees to work longer and with more focus. Taking a most sustainable approach to your office management also results in lower employee absenteeism, fewer errors, better work quality and increased corporate sales.

Incorporating sustainable, ergonomically designed office furniture for your employees’ and patrons’ use is just one way that you can increase your corporation’s productivity and profit margins.

Our Bottom Line Boosts Your Bottom Line

At VersaTables we are proud to not only be a leading green manufacturer in our industry, but we are also proud to create and market our environmentally friendly products as well. Protecting the planet has always been more important to us than our profit margins, but in today’s market place there is really no reason that the two cannot be mutually exclusive for our organization, and for yours. Visit our product pages today to learn even more about how private developers, public companies, government agencies, medical institutions and educational organizations can benefit from incorporating our sustainable furniture in their workspaces.

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