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Home Classroom Furniture +Desks & Tables Downview Adjustable Computer Table

Downview Adjustable Computer Table - DVT Series

4 Customer Reviews
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A Perfect Design for Students

Protect expensive computer equipment in the classroom with the VersaTables Downview Adjustable Computer Table. This height-adjustable table is the perfect choice for classrooms, computer labs, and libraries. The innovative design promotes learning in two ways.

First, because the monitor is mounted below the desk’s surface, it no longer obstructs students’ view of the front of the classroom. Second, for students engaging in activities that require books or papers on the desk top, it provides a more comfortable, ergonomic experience; students no longer have to look up to the monitor and back down to the desk.

Height-adjustable from 24" to 36," the steel frame is equipped with a pop-pin adjustment system to accommodate users of various heights. Increased desktop space means desks can be smaller and space-efficient, and monitors are no longer susceptible to accidental damage. Aesthetics also improve greatly because all cables and cords are hidden below the desk’s surface. Glare-resistant glass protects the monitor and makes viewing easy on the eyes.

The table comes with two of our most popular accessories included: the Enclosed CPU Holder and the VersaTables Keyboard Drawer (the 60" and 72" desks come with two of each of these accessories). The scratch-proof, powder-coated frame includes a modesty panel while the high-density wood surface is laminated with Nevamar Armor Plated Laminate to reduce wear and tear. This table comes in eight attractive color combinations.

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Product Features

  • Sub-surface monitor mount
  • Keeps desktop clear
  • Tilt-adjustable monitor panel
  • 36"x30" or 72"x30"
  • Anti-glare
  • Height-adjustable
  • Scratch-proof
  • CPU Holder included
  • Keyboard drawer included
  • High-density wood surface
  • Steel frame
  • Modesty panel

Krystal Z., Sales & Marketing

Some people aren't used to the idea of looking down to see their monitor, but the customers that buy the Downview Adjustable Computer Table love that aspect of it. With no exposed cables or cords, the desk looks clean and uncluttered all the time.

Downloadable Product Information

Always the Right Height

Height-adjustable tables are ideal for multi-user environments like schools, universities, and training facilities. Our Downview Adjustable Computer Table utilizes a unique pop-in adjustment system allowing the surface to be set from 24” to 36” high.

A Clutter-Free Classroom

Increasing desk top space means less clutter. The Downview Adustable Computer Table increases desktop space by up to 40%! The cables are contained inside the desk which reduces trip hazards as well!

The Versa Difference.

VersaTables was founded over ten years ago on the basic principle of producing high-quality products at a great price.

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Product Reviews

4 I enjoy this desk!

I enjoy this desk at home because i got one for two people and the kids computer is now next t our computer and it's easier to monitor what they are doing on there. But I think it's just hard to be used to looking down when working on a computer.

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012

4 I thought it was cool

I thought this was a cool idea for a desk but I didn't really think about how I would work on paperwork on top of my desk when I needed to see the screen at the same time. So I guess it's not the product's fault but really I should have thouht more aboyut how I work each day instead of how cool this desk is. Oh well. Still an awesome desk.

Posted by on Jun 18, 2012

5 Great table but be careful of glare

I love the design of this table. It forces you to keep the surface completely clear of clutter (or you can't see your computer -- haha!) and it does a great job of protecting the computer too. The only thing I caution is that even though the glass is anti-glare and works for the most part, if you are in a room where there is a window and light changes throughout the day, you may get a little glare. We did and had to rearrange the furniture some to avoid the direct sunlight.

Posted by on May 17, 2012

5 Probably the best computer tables on the market

If you haven't tried the downview table, you really haven't explored the possiblities. If you're going to spend this kind of money, buy the best. And these tables are the best. They are perfect for university level settings. Students have full writing space on the top of their desks for handwritten notes and books and yet, they can still watch videos or powerpoints individually. They can also take notes on the computers if they're fast typists and email themselves the notes, but the best is when they take e-tests. It allows us to manage the time and the students can go at their own pace, taking the tests the same way distance learners take theirs. I've put in a request to outfit all of our rooms with these desks and it looks like we will by next fiscal year.

Posted by on May 13, 2012

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