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Downview Podium

Product Features

  • 21" x 21" laminated wood surface
  • Hidden monitor mounted under surface
  • Includes retractable keyboard drawer
  • 43" - 45" in height
  • Tempered, anti-glare glass
  • Dual-door enclosure
  • Unique Downview Design
  • Can be accessorized with wheels for mobility
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Downview Podium

One of the most attractive, sleek, and functional podiums on the market, the VersaTables Downview Podium is ideal for lecture halls, conference centers, and classrooms. The 21"x 21" wood surface is inlaid with glare-resistant, tempered glass for a unique design that allows the speaker to see a tilt-adjustable computer monitor mounted just below, inside the podium.

A retractable keyboard drawer makes use of the computer easy and ergonomic, providing the speaker with the option of reviewing information or conducting his/her own PowerPoint presentation without obstructing the view of the audience. The body of the podium is constructed from recycled steel and features a dual-door cabinet perfect for hiding the CPU or storing collateral materials. Eight color combinations are available.

Ruben G., Engineering Department

The Downview Podium isn't for everyone. I'll be honest. A lot of organizations would do just fine with the more basic Classroom Podium. But for those that use teleprompters and power point most of the time, the Downview Podium is the way to go.

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Product Features

  • 21" x 21" laminated wood surface
  • Hidden monitor mounted under surface
  • Includes retractable keyboard drawer
  • 43" - 45" in height
  • Tempered, anti-glare glass
  • Dual-door enclosure
  • Unique Downview Design
  • Can be accessorized with wheels for mobility

Ergonomic & Easy to Use

Because our unique downview system was designed by engineers to be ergonomic and comfortable, the Downview Podium ensures that speakers are able to look from the audience to the monitor without strain.

Moves Where You Move

Invest in mobility! Save money and space by reducing the number of podiums your school or university needs by adding an optional wheel kit to our Downview Podium. With rubber-coated, non-marking casters, the podium travels to the classroom where it’s needed.

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Product Reviews

5 Very professional

I just received 2 of these units for our manufacturing areas. They are a perfect fit and very professional looking as well. The amount of space inside is ideal for printer and paper storage

Posted by on Sep 24, 2012

5 The mother ship

This is seriously the mothership of podiums and is so great to work from. I feel like I am at a five star hotel when I use this for presentations. Tons of space on top and under and no more peering over my computer screen!

Posted by on Jun 28, 2012

5 Helpful

This product has really just made things that much more convenient when lecturing. The old set-up I had was with the monitor set up on the lectern. Now that it is tucked inside, I am not blocked from view and can choose when to or not to use the computer. I also really like that the storage space has doors. Most podiums don't.

Posted by on Jun 21, 2012

2 Downview function not worth it!

In theory, this podium seems like a good idea-- you don't have to have a laptop obstructing the view of the speaker, but it doesn't work well at all. Poor design. The monitor, once mounted is difficult to read and depending on where the light source is, there's somewhat of a glare if the light is too bright. Plus it's hard to install the computer and the CPU takes up most of the storage space underneath. In addition, most speakers have whatever pp they're going to use already loaded on a laptop and with this, you have to put it on a disc to use at a new computer that may not have up to date software. Only two speakers have even used the downview function since we got this. If you're just looking for a regular podium, it's fine, but if you expect more from the "downview" capabilities, you'll be disappointed.

Posted by on May 8, 2012

5 Very professional looking

I first saw one of these at a university where I was guest lecturing and liked it so much I convinced the college where I teach to buy one. We then bought six more for all of our halls. This podium is so innovative. You don't have to tote a laptop around, just bring a jump drive, stick it in and do the presentation. Simple. No one even realizes you're looking at a computer screen.

Posted by on Jan 11, 2012

5 Revolutionary design!

I cannot say enough good things about this podium. It's high quality, beautiful, and works perfectly. All of our guest speakers are impressed when they see it and they all love it and ask where we bought it. I'm trying to get the university to buy these for all of the lecture halls and replace our old basic ones. You will not be disappointed!

Posted by on Jan 6, 2012

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