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Split Level Adjustable Computer Table

Product Features

  • Two independently adjustable surfaces
  • Available in five sizes (30", 36", 48", 60", 72")
  • Equipped with grommet holes for mounting monitors
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cable Management system
  • Scratch-resistant surfaces
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Split Level Adjustable Computer Table

The unique design of the VersaTables Split Level Adjustable Computer Table combines form and function without compromising classic style. Available in five sizes (30" x 35", 36" x 35", 48" x 35", 60" x 35", and 72" x 35'") for one or two users, this table features dual independently adjustable scratch-resistant surfaces. The front surface is perfect for writing and the back surface contains grommet holes for single or multiple monitor arms. Four full-sized monitors can fit side by side on the 72" table.

The ergonomic design allows individual users to adjust the table height as well as the monitor height for increased comfort and fatigue reduction. Perfect for the classroom, students can view monitors at a lower angle without obstructing their view of the front of the room. Each Split Level Table includes a kick panel, a cable management system, a writing surface, and an independently adjustable monitor surface. Available in eight color combinations, this attractive, elegant desk will last a lifetime in your home, office, or school.

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Split Level Adjustable Computer Table

Alex D., Sales & Marketing

We took the unique design of our Split Level Desk and made it adjustable to increase the amount of desktop space. It increases the flexibility to make this desk what the individual user needs. Raising and lowering the surface heights creates the perfectly ergonomic set up for the user.

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Product Features

  • Two independently adjustable surfaces
  • Available in five sizes (30", 36", 48", 60", 72")
  • Equipped with grommet holes for mounting monitors
  • Ergonomic design
  • Cable Management system
  • Scratch-resistant surfaces

Benefits of Mounted Monitors

Monitors mounted on poles allow for two key benefits that surface-mounted monitors can’t provide. They are typically adjustable in height and tilt to accommodate the ergonomic needs of the user as they evolve throughout the day as well as the needs of different users in multi-user environments. They also allow for more writing and workspace on the surface of the table.

Multi-User Tables Save Money

Reduce expenses by opting for multi-user desks instead of single user tables. Multi-user tables allow schools, universities, and companies to opt for premium quality tables but spend less overall, and to save space as well. Wondering if a multi-user table is right for you? Call us. We’re happy to compare features and discuss the best option for your environment.

The Versa Difference.

VersaTables was founded over ten years ago on the basic principle of producing high-quality products at a great price.

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Product Reviews



Posted by on Jan 3, 2013

5 Excellent for multiple monitors

I searched the internet far and wide for a desk that would allow me to elevate my 3 23" monitors but could only seem to find desks designed to have one raised monitor. Then I found this desk. Versatables shipped it out promptly, it arrived well packed. Assembly was a cinch, although I did need to download the directions since a printed copy did not appear to be included. I can't overstate how awesome it is to be able to adjust the height of my keyboard & monitors independently. Much less neck, shoulder, and arm strain when everything is adjusted right!

Posted by on Aug 15, 2012

5 Like the option

Even though I honestly usually leave my desk in the two level position, I just really like having that option to adjust and swicth it up if I want to...who knows, maybe there will be a time one one level works better for me and having that choice it nice.

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012

5 Great price for a dual user desk

If you're looking for quality at an affordable price, you should take a serious peek at this desk. Two users, free shipping, and under $400! Love the quality and the design of this split level table. I highly recommend spending a little more and getting the keyboard platforms that go with it. It's worth it!

Posted by on Jun 13, 2012

5 excellent use of space

I find the design of this table to be an excellent use of space and very efficient. It's also ergonomic in that the monitor can easily be set at the right height. We bought this for our office (which is incredibly small) and found that it helped us keep clutter to a minimum. It's not the most attractive desk in the world, but I'd take function over looks any day.

Posted by on Jun 13, 2012

5 cool table

this is a very cool table. we have them in our computer labs at school and it makes it easy to see the monitor and also keep your book open at the same time. with our old desks, that was harder. another cool thing is that the top of the table doesn't stain so even when people try to mark them up, they still look nice. they are more expensive than I thought. I'm surprised our school actually spent the money on them cuz they rarely spend money on anything. I'm glad tho that they did.

Posted by on May 14, 2012

5 Great table

We ordered this table for our workshop and we love it. It's space-efficient, easy to keep clean, and was fairly easy to put together. I say 'fairly' because the directions were good, but it took a little longer than I expected. The dual surfaces are terrific. The higher one acts as a shelf as well and the lower one is large enough to make it versatile. If you need something that will save space, this is a good option.

Posted by on Jan 17, 2012


I would only suggest the possibility of raising the adjustable table max height.

Posted by on Sep 9, 2010


We were short two hardware packages for 60" split level tables. It would be nice to have a quality control check to ensure the hardware is included with each box.

Posted by on Jul 8, 2010

4 Called customer support and they shipped out the proper part

Product shipped with wrong cable cover piece. It was for the narrower top. Called customer support and they shipped out the proper part.

Posted by on Apr 14, 2010

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