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Home Residential +Accessories Enclosed CPU Holder

Enclosed CPU Holder

The most important part of your computer is the CPU, which many people still store on the floor, under the desk where it can easily be kicked, knocked around by brooms and vacuums, or susceptible to water damage. Protect your data and minimize downtime by adding an Enclosed CPU Holder. Compatible with the majority of our desks and tables, the Enclosed CPU Holder accommodates any case between 3.5" and 9" in width, and all heights.

The two-piece design allows you to customize the holder to snugly fit your CPU while the versatile mounting system makes it easy to mount anywhere underneath the desk (or even to the side of the VersaTable), making it ideal for left-handed users as well as right-handed. The Enclosed CPU Holder is perfect for mobile desks and tables that are often reconfigured like those in a classroom, library, or conference area; the CPU stays securely attached to the desk as it moves without the risk of falling or the need to unhook cables.

Product Features

  • Protects your CPU
  • Fits all CPU cases between 3.5" and 9"
  • Unique two-piece case design
  • Ideal for mobile units
  • Allows for air flow and temp control
  • Made of rust-proof, scratch-proof steel
  • Mounts on most VersaTables desks and tables
  • Premium hardware
  • Easy installation

Downloadable Product Information

  • Download Assembly InstructionsDownload


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Chris S., Sales & Marketing

I highly recommend the Enclosed CPU Holder to everyone who buys a desk. It keeps the computer off the floor, away from hazards, and makes it so much easier to clean around and under the table or desk. Plus, for those getting mobile desks so they can reconfigure their space as necessary, the Enclosed CPU Holder is a must!

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Product Reviews

5 simple and good

This has helped keep my CPU up off the floor and out of the way of my feet and I just feel like its better not to have that type of equipment on the floor so it's a good idea for any desk really.

Posted by on Jun 28, 2012

5 Protection for my computer

Ilike having my computer enclosed in this casing..I just feel ike it's safer from getting bumped and knocked when I work at my desk. And I like it off the floor anyways.

Posted by on Jun 27, 2012

5 Great item

I like that I no longer need to scoot around my CPU to plug or unplug cables.This provides easier access (or as easy as you can get when you are hunched under a desk!). Anyways, a good buy--and I can even run my swifter underneath!

Posted by on Jun 24, 2012

5 Wish I would've purchased one years ago

This is what every computer desk needs! It was easy to install and keeps my computer from sitting on the floor where it can get dirty or bumped. It also helps to keep cables up off the floor where they might get swept up by a vacuum. Oerall, the desk area looks much neater and cleaner with the simple addition of one of these cpu holders. Product arrived faster than I expected too.

Posted by on Jun 13, 2012

4 A little wider please.

Excellent design and will fit most reasonably sized PC cases. It won't fit mine either in width or depth, but neither will anyone elses (13-1/2W x 28" H). I bought it to place a subwoofer in and it works perfectly for that.

Posted by on Jun 4, 2012


At first I thought this would be $50 bucks wasted because I was used to just having my cpu sit on the floor but after having it, I now wonder why I didn't do it sooner. This thing really does the job. It not only keeps it off the floor making it easier to clean around it, but it also helps keeps the cables organized so the whole room just looks better. I had to unclamp it to remove the cpu for service and it was very easy to take off and put back on.

Posted by on May 7, 2012

5 Paulina P.

I got two of these-- one for each of my kids' desks in their rooms and I think they are terrific! The computer box is kept off the floor so it's easier to clean and vacuum and when the kids want to rearrange their rooms (my daughter does this often), she just pushes the desk without having to unplug everything. I also think it's great if you live someplace where there are earthquakes (like we do in California). It holds the computer in place so it won't fall off a shelf or tip over. The best part though is that it makes cleaning so easy.

Posted by on Feb 14, 2012

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